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White space analysis | communications strategy | editorial implementation

Effective thought leadership requires detailed planning. We work with brands and agencies to develop thought leadership campaigns that stand out from the crowd. This requires a consultative approach because true thought leadership is more than conveying a message. It involves developing the ideas behind the message, asking the right questions, framing clients’ expertise in an innovative manner and engaging a targeted audience of stakeholders.
Before embarking on a strategic thought leadership campaign, we discuss with clients their objectives and advise them to consider the following: 

  • Where does white-space analysis show opportunities for intellectual leadership?
  • What outcome of a research program would you consider a success? What are your KPIs?
  • How can your strategic communications goals be met more effectively?
  • What is your target audience and what is the best way to engage with them?
Hypothesis | Survey | Data Analysis | Data Visualization | Reports | Microsite Development

We start with an idea inspired by a question, such as:

  • How do you measure corporate resilience? Will automotive powertrains change fast enough to slow the growth of carbon emissions?
  • Can diversity initiatives help fill skill gaps?

From there we develop a hypothesis at the start of the project and tie it to an ideal headline at the end. The research is then designed around collecting evidence that might prove or refute the hypothesis.
If the hypothesis is robust, thought-provoking and new, we can create thought leadership around it that will be forward-looking and insightful. One idea, if it is good enough, can launch a dozen research projects.
Our tailored research employs a range of methodologies, consisting of primary and secondary research that generates fresh perspectives and penetrating insights.  The key findings and results are then presented in a clear and compelling narrative. The unique dataset developed for the study is presented in a variety of ways, delivering a comprehensive overview of the findings. Different from other research consultancies, the client owns the data generated by the research, subject to all relevant privacy regulations.


Our research team designs and conducts online opinion surveys. These can be flash surveys on a hot topic or longer questionnaires on expectations of future trends. The independent survey panel draws from a global database of executives and experts in the relevant field. 

As well as one-time surveys, we design barometer surveys over a selected period to gauge how opinions change over time. These create a more interactive environment for topic discussions and benchmarking. We have, for example, designed a five question self-assessment tool to help companies analyze where they stood on a maturity scale in the field of risk management.


We build customized economic and business models to reveal fresh insights on key issues and identify challenges and opportunities. Our data modeling includes indexes, economic impact/analysis, market sizing and assessment. The latest data-visualization techniques are deployed to help users understand the stories behind the data. 

A recent example shows how companies with happy customers and happy employees grow faster. Among US supermarkets, two privately owned chains, Trader Joe’s and H-E-B have the best customer and employee experience. The employee data is drawn from Glassdoor and the consumer data comes from the American Customer Satisfaction Index, the higher the scores, the better the experience.

Employees and customers at supermarkets


Benchmarking tools enable the audience to understand how their own opinions compare with survey respondents on key issues. New survey takers answer a series of online questions previously deployed and analyzed for a research report. The latest answers are then compared with those of the original survey respondents.
For a global technology client, we created an economic barometer that executives can use to compare their business expectations with their peers around the world. In return for answering a few benchmarking questions, users were sent relevant industry and economic forecasts.


We produce cogently written, data-driven, multi-layered content, spanning white papers, briefings, opinion pieces, and visual & interactive content.


Our engaging, insightful and visually attractive write-ups vary in length, depending on their purpose and audience, from short texts that accompany infographics, to 5,000-word papers rich in analysis and actionable intelligence.   


We design all forms of data visualization, including infographics and animation, to convey ideas and messages simply and effectively. 


We host online webinars, roundtables and conferences. A recording of the event is archived online and accessible for up to one year.


We create infomercials, mini-documentaries and vodcasts. These can be talks, interviews with experts, roundtable discussions and conversations in groups of two or three.


We develop content-rich platforms that host research and related content for multi-year initiatives. 


Newsweek VantageVantage ResearchWhite Label

Vantage Research creates thought leadership that is either branded Newsweek Vantage, Vantage Research or white-labeled. With the latter two options, we will work with the sponsor to help distribute the content.

If the client chooses the branded option of Newsweek Vantage, we will work with them to reach their target audience as efficiently as possible. It comes with our distribution package, in which we partner with Newsweek to optimize the distribution of our content to targeted users. As of January 2022, www.newsweek.com had more than 100 million unique visitors, close to the level of viewership of the Huffington Post and CNN.

It is of the utmost importance to take thought leadership to the right audience to help fulfil the most challenging strategic communication goals. Our distribution and promotional packages are highly customizable, with a focus on lead generation and customer acquisition. Clients retain the intellectual property rights of the content and therefore no restrictions are placed on how they choose to distribute it.


Content created by Newsweek Vantage will be hosted on www.newsweek.com/vantage and is accessible from Newsweek’s homepage via a dedicated headline button. Banner advertising will be featured on the Newsweek homepage and on other pages as part of a Run-Of-Site (ROS) campaign, designed to drive traffic toward a downloadable PDF of the report. A minimum number of downloads is guaranteed.   


An executive summary of the key research findings will be printed as a full-page spread in the global edition of Newsweek magazine. Sponsors’ logos are included on the page, and a QR code links readers to a downloadable copy of the full report on www.newsweek.com/vantage.

Press Release

A press release under the Newsweek Vantage brand announcing the completion and major findings of each report with a link to the full report on www.newsweek.com/vantage.    

Social Media

Branded posts of the key research findings on Newsweek’s LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook social media channels, reaching more than 5 million followers, with a link to the full report on www.newsweek.com/vantage.


A summary of the key research findings and link to the full report will be sent to Newsweek’s newsletter subscribers.



Customizable Add-Ons

We will leverage all our distribution channels to offer the flexible and customizable promotion of your content. 

We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the full range of options.  Here are some examples:


Newsweek Podcasts is an audio-interview platform that enables clients to discuss their thought leadership programs and drive traffic to the content in an interactive manner. 


  • A pre-recorded five-minute audio interview is posted on Newsweek Podcasts and Vantage sites. Clients can also post the podcast on their own websites/hubs. 
  • 30-second promotional audiofile with a guaranteed number clicks linked to the full podcast on the client’s website.


Apple News Ad Unit Placement (mobile/tablet) with a guaranteed number of clicks through to a website of the client’s choice, e.g., linking to the report download page on the client’s website/hub.



  • An agreed-upon number of copies of Newsweek magazine in a custom designed French-fold type of faux cover wrap.
  • Full-page advert or advertorial in the global edition of Newsweek magazine.


Print advertising and geotargeting of online banner advertising.

Flexible Branding Options

Newsweek VantageVantage ResearchWhite Label

We offer three distinct branding packages designed to align with your communications goals:


When the integrity of the research and independence of the editorial is uppermost in your mind, associate your thought leadership alongside the Newsweek Vantage brand. Capitalize on Newsweek’s rich history in delivering industry-leading editorial and a built-in global distribution package. While maintaining the independence of the output, you are invited to join the project steering committee which allows you to provide your experience and unique perspective on the issue in a way that enriches the research.


As with single client reports, the independence of the output is firewalled, but sponsors are invited to join a platform where ideas and collective intelligence are shared alongside the Newsweek Vantage brand. The scope and composition of the participant team can be outlined at the onset so that the study benefits from the best mix of experience, insights and perspectives. All participants benefit from a global distribution package while sharing the research costs.  Top-tier sponsors are invited to join the project’s steering committee.

In addition, single-client and multi-client reports can be co-branded with Vantage Research, with the client’s choice of distribution.


Benefit from Vantage Research’s extensive experience in designing research methodologies and creating content that is 100% client-focused. You have full control over the direction of the research and the editorial process, including design and layout, and tailored to your specifications. White-labeled reports contain no Newsweek Vantage, or Vantage Research branding or logos, and it is your choice whether to leverage our global distribution package, or activate your own internal and external channels, or do both.